Remix Studies Seminar Series 2012 – Starts Next Week!

9:21 pm in Seminar Series 2012 by totalrecut

The Remix Studies Seminar Series 2012, entitled ‘Critical Concerns‘, will commence next Monday, 4th June 2012 from 7pm-9pm GMT with our first session on ‘Remix, Intellectual Property and Freedom of Expression’. Subsequent meetings will occur fortnightly throughout the summer on a variety of remix-related topics, which may be perused under the ‘Seminar Series 2012′ section of

We would like to invite you to participate in this seminar series, which is now in its 3rd year and we hope to continue the fruitful exchange of ideas and forging of new connections with like-minded individuals that has been at the core of these sessions to date. The seminar is an informal online discussion, facilitated through text-based Skype group chat. Feel free to get in touch with your Skype username if you would like to participate.

The primary question being addressed in this seminar is ‘What impact could proposals like SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, TPP, CISPA and equivalents have on remix practice?

If you know of anyone that might be interested in participating in this or future sessions, please feel free to spread the word and circulate the details. I look forward to chatting with you again and to welcoming new participants next Monday at 7pm GMT.