Man of the Year 2012: How Jon Stewart Became President

8:36 am in Critical Remix Videos by totalrecut

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What if Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Barack Obama ran head-to-head in the presidential election campaign in 2012? Who would win?

This is a Critical Remix Video (CRV) starring Stewart, Colbert and Obama from the Daily Show, the Colbert Report and the White House, respectively – also featuring cameos from Bill O’Reilly of the O’Reilly Factor and Christopher Walken from Robin William’s ‘Man of the Year’.

This remix is a transformative satirical work, which forms part of a doctoral research project and has been constructed for educational and research purposes, as well as critical commentary, therefore it represents a ‘fair use’ of copyrighted material according to section 107 of US copyright law. Please feel free to remix it.

Produced in December 2011 by Owen Gallagher, PhD Researcher, NCAD, Dublin, Ireland. | |

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